The clock tower public square in Midibles, a town in the western region of the Rozshien Kingdom, was a place for relaxation and refreshment for its townspeople, as well as a renowned tourist area.

Almost every day, the centre of the square, which was beautifully paved by circular stone, would be lined up with platforms by circus troupes and magicians from all areas, in anticipation of sightseeing tourists, to showcase their performances.

However, today, the public square was dead silent. This wasn’t because there was no one present. Under the clear autumn sky, a large quantity of people had assembled in the clock tower square. Almost all were adolescent girls.

Several days ago, the townspeople received an edict from the domain lord instructing all homes with young daughters to have their daughters gather at the square on this day at noon. A domain lord’s edict is ultimately an order. Without a clue as to what was going on, the families that fulfilled the requirement sent out their daughters at the appointed time.

Anxious people, grim people, people who didn’t hide their curiosity; people with expressions of all kinds. The townspeople surrounding the girls watched the progress of events with inquisitive eyes.

At the end of their sight were middle aged men standing underneath the towering clock tower on the south side of the square. Looking at their clothing it was clear that they were nobles. After the clock tower chimed noon, one of the men broke the silence with a cough.

“Ehh, we have gathered you all here today for one purpose. That is, to search for a new consort for his majesty, King Hardual.”

Hearing his words, the people gathered there let out a sound of surprise. It wasn’t surprising. Their king already had a queen from another kingdom.

“His Majesty and Queen Elaine have yet to bear a child between them. This is an alarming issue for our country. —-Do you understand?”

A hush fell over the square and only the sound a person swallowing their breath could be heard. Or perhaps it was they themselves who released that sound.

“We will not question your rank or status. Those who believe that they shall be the one who will become his majesty’s side consort and bear his heir, step forward!”

Everyone fell into shock the moment they understood the meaning of the noble’s words. That was extremely natural. After all, consort candidates would usually be girls from aristocratic families.

Up until now there had been occasional cases in history where past kings spent a casual night or two with a town or village girl when they stopped by an area in the middle of their expeditions.

However, not just as a one night companion but a side consort…… Even taking in account of the fact that there was no heir, this was unheard of.

The girls at the square faltered at the unexpected development, and all looked uneasy.

“Of course, we do not know if his majesty will be pleased with the person we propose. However, if you are able to receive his majesty’s affection even once, even if his majesty’s visits cease, we promise to support you accordingly.”

With those words, in an instant, those girls, who had held a faint sliver of hope, were crushed beyond repair. Whether or not they become a consort, once they go to the capital to the king’s side, they probably wouldn’t be able to shamelessly return to their home-town. In exchange for the possibility of living a dream life, they may have to experience the pain of endlessly waiting a king who will never visit. They also probably would not be able to avoid the strife between the queen, who is well-known for being a peerless beauty, and the other chosen side consorts. For these girls in their teens, that situation appeared excessively harsh.

“Excuse me.”

It was then, among the girls who were shrinking back, a sole person held up a hand. The surrounding girls slowly parted to the sides, revealing the person who just spoke.

It was a girl with glamorous long black hair and eyes, a colour that was rare around these parts. The gentle waves of her hair were done up in one bundle near her ears. Her expression was stiff, as if she was slightly nervous. She had liquid eyes with ends that slanted down just slightly and under her plump red lips was a small mole. Although she wouldn’t be considered beautiful, she gave off an indescribable dangerous allure of a girl at the midway point a girl and a woman.

“I shall become that side consort.”

The appearance of this girl who was clearly a foreigner took the nobles by surprise. They may have said they would not question rank and status, but they hadn’t expected a foreigner would volunteer. She seemed to understand the language but, in this situation, what was the best action to take? They exchanged searching looks at each other. Suddenly one of the men who had remained silent until now turned to the girl and asked her:

“I see you come from another country…… Do you have the confidence to obtain his majesty’s affection?”

The girl gave a huge nod. From the looks of it, she wasn’t nervous after all, but just the type with few facial expressions.

“I have confidence.”


The girl somewhat proudly threw out her chest, flaunting its existence. It was hard to tell at first because her clothes were slightly too big for her but, after a closer look, despite her slender frame, you could see two full well-shaped heavy bulges.

The girl then declared loudly so everyone present could hear. That grand and bold manner was in stark contrast to her seductive appearance.

“I will definitely make his majesty my captive!”

Those with a trained eye would probably be able to tell that her eyes were blazing. The girl took in a deep breath once more and gave the finishing blow.

“With this face and body!”

———-It goes without saying that everyone gathered at the square were thrown into commotion by this marriageable aged girl’s inconceivable and immodest words.



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