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Character Introductions


Aida Kiyoka (Nickname Aeeda)
Main Character. Parents have passed away. Has also cut ties with her other relatives and earns a living working as a cleaner.
Expressionless, flat chested. Prefers cleaning over three meals a day.

The King of Rozshien Kingdom

The Queen, married in from other country. Renown as a peerless beauty.

A mysterious man who stayed at the Star Viewing House for a short time. Silver Hair, blue eyes.

Sigurd Benetridue
Viscount. Middle aged man with an elegant moustache.

Chief Sawaguchi
The Chief of Sawagachi Cleaning Services


Characters Introduced from Maidservant Arc Onwards

Jake Dicarta
The palace chief. Blackish brown hair, amber eyes.

A maidservant. A tall cool beauty with dark brown hair and eyes.

A maidservant. A cute girl with a round face and bright brown hair and green eyes.

A maidservant. A bright and lively girl. Younger than Aeeda. Hair in braids.

A maidservant. A newcomer and childish. Has a habit of skipping work. Hair in pigtails.

*To prevent spoilers, character translations will be added as they appear.

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