Sokuhi Shigan! (Novel)


Story by YUKINAGA Maki

Disclaimer: This is the translation of the Web Novel

Web Novel Synopsis:
Aida Kiyoka is a so called internet cafe refugee, living her days at an internet cafe and earning a living from her part-time cleaning job. However, one day she is suddenly hurled off to another world. She is fortunately picked up by a kind couple who provides a comfortable life with food and shelter. Her sole complaint is that there is no bath. Wait, if I become a side consort, I can have baths as much as I like? In that case, I’ll become a side consort!

Other World Trip Arc
Character Introductions
Chapter 1 – I am not a germaphobe, I just like to keep things clean.
Chapter 2 – Luckily, I managed to secure a basis for my livelihood
Chapter 3 – A Mysterious Man Peeped in My Bath
Chapter 4 – I enthusiastically applied to be His Majesty, The King’s Side Consort
Chapter 5 – I Set Off to the Royal Capital with an Elegant Middle-Aged Gentleman
Chapter 6 – I Decided to Temporary Give Up on Becoming a Side Consort

Maidservant Arc
Chapter 7 – I Made My First Male Friend in the Royal Castle
Chapter 8 – I Confronted A Terrifying Person At Close Range


4 comments on “Sokuhi Shigan! (Novel)

  1. Thank you~ I like her hahaha XD
    Btw, anyway to get the Web raw? >.> My Google cache failed me… q.q

  2. Hi, thanks for translating this novel, but I was just wondering if this novel have been dropped? Since it has been a while since the last update.

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