Shiranui Kitanroku

by Inai Kaoru

Will be retranslated to Spanish by Chinmoku Revelation
Will be retranslated to Arabic by VanillaShake
Will be retranslated to Italian by Shoujo Universe Scan
Will be retranslated to Vietnamese by Miu Miu

Volume 1 – Download

Chapter 1 – Released | Read Online
Chapter 2 – Released | Read Online
Chapter 3 – Released | Read Online
Chapter 4 – Released | Read Online
Chapter 5 – Released | Read Online
Chapter 6 – Released | Read Online
Chapter 7 – Released | Read Online
Extra Story – Released | Read Online


7 comments on “Shiranui Kitanroku

  1. Aren’t manga horror stories a lot fun, when it’s drawing; instead of, seeing it in a live-action type of movie or series! ^_^

  2. Hi, I’m Yuna22 an italian scanlator and I’d like to ask you permission to retraslate this project in my language, my forumfree’s address is: http://shoujouniversescan.forumfree.it/
    Naturally I’ll put your credits in project’s page on my website…thanks in advance…

  3. Excuse me. I’m Ita on behalf of Miu Miu – a Vietnamese Fansub Team [http://miumiu.forumvi.com/]. We’re really interested in your Shiranui Kitanroku, therefore we would like you to allow us your scan.We really want to translate them into Vietnamese. We’ll keep your full credit and homepage. Thank you in advance ^^.

  4. Hello, I’m Claudia from Usagi no Fansub. We would like to retranslate this project. Of course we will keep your credits page of your work.Thanks in advance~

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