Nukoduke! chapter 100

Chapter 100! finally! Many thanks to tantou for the translation!

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If you still haven’t saved the pictures the author drew for the 100th chapter celebration, get it here: https://hanayumeonline.com/nukoduke/


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Road To Bath chapter 3

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Sorry with the lack of novel chapter releases. I’ve been binge reading Chinese novels and I’m happy to declare that Founder of Diabolism is the first novel I’ve ever finished reading in Chinese. I’ll try to get chapter 6 out soon but no promises as I seem to break them every time.

As for Nukoduke! the chapters have been cleaned. Just waiting on the translation. tantou (the translator) translated chapter 100 over a month ago but forgot to attach it (and I was so lazy I didn’t even realise until weeks later). I’m hoping he will see this and come out of hiding.

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Sokuhi Shigan (Novel) chapter 5

Sorry for being so slow. I give on any hope of catching up with the manga. Chapter 6 is already fully translated so I should be able to get it out before the end of the week (though editing actually takes me longer than translating.).

Chapter 5


Nukoduke! chapter 99

Really Short Chapter

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The author drew a picture and twitter icons for Nukoduke’s 100 chapter anniversary.

Get it https://hanayumeonline.com/nukoduke/ before it disappears. (Click on each icon to download.)


Road to Bath chapter 2

From now on I’ll be using Road to Bath as the post title because I’m scared the bot in NovelUpdates will think it’s a new novel chapter release if I use Sokuhi Shigan!

I tried making the images a little bigger this time but the pixelation and blurriness really bothers me (one should never upscale images). Which do people prefer? Small images but clearer or Bigger images but blurrier (any means bigger font size)

Chapter 2
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The manga is speeding through the novel pretty quickly. Around chapter 13 of the novel at the moment. It’s cut a bit of content but those parts aren’t too important.

I’ve corrected the translation mistakes in chapter 1.
Chapter 1v2: Download | Read Online

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Sokuhi Shigan (Novel) chapter 4

Late again. I’ll try to release another chapter this week to make up for last week but no promises.

Just wondering, does anyone have any trouble working out who is speaking? A lot of the time, the story doesn’t state who’s speaking because it’s usually obvious from to the way they speak (this isn’t so obvious when translated). Is it unclear sometimes? If it is, please tell me and I’ll add their initials before/after the dialogue.

Chapter here.

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Sokuhi Shigan! (Novel) chapter 3

Sorry for the lateness.

I was reading an online preview of the light novel and noticed that the writing, conversations and events flowed better and were more logical (which is expected from a proper publication, not to say that the web novel is bad, the overall story is still the same). There’s also more interaction between Aida and Wilfried. If the light novel is ever released digitally, I might translate that instead but as I currently don’t have access to the light novel I’ll stay with the web novel for now.

On an unrelated note, after translating this chapter, I realised I made a mistake in the manga translation of chapter 1 – when she tells Wilfried to give her his clothes to wash – It’s not “to stop the blood from dripping” but “if you wait too long, the blood stain will become permanent” – should have noticed from the context but my head couldn’t connect it at that time. Highlight above for the explanation. I will fix the mistake when the next manga chapter is released.

Link to chapter 3.