Nukoduke! chapters 105, 106 and 107

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Nukoduke has moved to マンガPark (Manga-Park – https://manga-park.com/title/52).

To read, you’ll have to buy coins or you can install the smartphone app which will let you read a number of chapters for free a day.

They’ve uploaded the chapters originally serialised in the Hana to Yume magazine so the numbering is different now (It’s following the book numbering). Chapters 105-107 will correspond to chapters 196-198. From chapter 200 onwards  (since chapter 108/199 released on HanaLala Online) I will start using the new numbering and slowly re-number the past chapters. We will also be slowly working on those additional chapters.


Nukoduke! chapter 104

Sorry for the long wait!

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Sokuhi Shigan! (Novel) chapter 6

Chapter 6 finally. It’s so hard to get back into the translating mood once you stop. This marks the end of the other world trip arc. The maidservant arc is up next.

A Nukoduke! chapter will be coming soon. The Sokuhi Shigan manga chapters will be coming after (two chapters behind now).


Nukoduke! chapters 102 and 103

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Had some trouble uploading to bato.to for some reason. Had to try three different browsers and a lot of freezing before it finally worked.


Nukoduke! chapter 101

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Nukoduke! chapter 100

Chapter 100! finally! Many thanks to tantou for the translation!

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If you still haven’t saved the pictures the author drew for the 100th chapter celebration, get it here: https://hanayumeonline.com/nukoduke/


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Road To Bath chapter 3

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Sorry with the lack of novel chapter releases. I’ve been binge reading Chinese novels and I’m happy to declare that Founder of Diabolism is the first novel I’ve ever finished reading in Chinese. I’ll try to get chapter 6 out soon but no promises as I seem to break them every time.

As for Nukoduke! the chapters have been cleaned. Just waiting on the translation. tantou (the translator) translated chapter 100 over a month ago but forgot to attach it (and I was so lazy I didn’t even realise until weeks later). I’m hoping he will see this and come out of hiding.