by Yugi Iro

Will be re-translated to Vietnamese by Kuro Group
Will be re-translated to Italian by Scarlet Night Scans
Will be re-translated to Polish by Akuma Love
Will be re-translated to Thai by Viian
Will be re-translated to Spanish by Pig Rabbit Fansub
Will be re-translated to French by Angel’s Paradise
Will be re-translated to Bahasa by pecinta komik
Will be re-translated to Thai by Elisias
Will be re-translated to Spanish by Usagi no Fansub
Will be re-translated to Portuguese by Aoki Scan

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48 comments on “Nukoduke!

  1. Thanks for this cute series. Question though: you keep saying “he” when referrin to the Nukos. Are they both male? They both kinda look female, lol.

    • Kei is male because he uses ‘Ore’ which is normally used by males. It’s a rough/arrogant way of saying ‘I’. Yuuya also used ‘kare’ when asking about Kei. ‘kare’ means he/him.

      I’m not really sure with Sasame though. Japanese doesn’t use he/she etc much so it’s hard to tell whether someone’s a male or female. However Sasame does use ‘boku’ meaning I/me which is usually used by young boys.

      I’m just going to assume they are both males until there is proof they are not.

      • No, I’m pretty sure Sasame unfortunately I don’t have the japanese version to make sure, but girls can use the word ‘boku’ which makes them seem more masculine which I think is supposed to be part of the joke in this comic because Sasame and Kei’s gender rolls are so easily switched as you see when Yuuya corrected Yamato saying Sasame was female and Kei was male.

  2. I’m Yui from Kuro Group. I really like this story and want to share it with Vietnamese readers. I wonder if you could allow me to use your scan/translation with aim of re-translating into my mother language. Thank you and happy new year ! :X

  3. Hi!
    I’m Rangiku, from Scarlet Night Scans. I would like to ask your permission to retranslate this cuteness in Italian! *^* Thanks! 🙂

  4. Hi, i am from polish group Akuma Love, we like to re-translete Nuko in our language. We will be really glad if you give us permission to use yours scan/translation. Ours link: http://akumalove.dbv.pl/news.php
    Thanks *o*

  5. Cute story. Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. Hi!
    I’m Viian. I would like to ask your permission to re-translate Nuko in Thai language. I will be really glad if you give me permission to use yours scan/translation.

  7. Hii !! i am Hikarii admin of a group to translate into spanish, Pig Rabbit Fansub, i like ask permission for re-translate this series thanks soo much

  8. Hello, I’m Ainee admin of a French group, Angel’s Paradise : http://angelsparadise.eklablog.com/, I would like ask your permission to retranslate Nukoduke! into French
    thank you so much and good luck for the continuation

  9. Thanks for your hard work >w<~! The pages are so pretty~

  10. I really want to thank you for all your hard work with this series I just love it, and read each chapter wit so much pleasure and laught, so thank you very much for my joy of reading it.

  11. Hello Kazeyuki. I’m from Thailand. I read your translation in… (Um, I think in mangafox . com) then I always read Nukoduke in your blog. I want to thank you for all your hard work to translate this manga. It’s really cute! So I want to ask permission from you to re-translate this manga in thai language. (Though Vian was already ask you but I want to re-translate in my style too.) Hope to see you allow me to use your translation and scans.

  12. Thanks for all your hard work in translating this! It’s so cute, and such a good way to make a day so much better.

  13. What happened to chapter 5 & 6?

  14. hello, i’m from indonesia, i really like this manga, so i want to share it at my blog and group, would you give permission to re translate in bahasa? My group is pecinta komik

  15. Hi there, I’m Elisias from Thailand. The truth is… I translated “Nukozuke” to Thai language for a long time ago (march 2013) by using raw from “hana to yume online”. I translated 13 chapters so far (not include ch.5&6) and then I become busy with stuffs and hold on translation. Now I have more free time and want to continue but some chapters in “hana to yume online” is already closed. So I want to ask for permission to use your group’s translation. I know you already granted permission for Viian but he/she just translate only chapter 1 and not do anymore. My group’s name is Elisias (one person group), I don’t have my own website/blog but my works always uploaded to http://www.nekopost.net/

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Hello, Kazeyuki.
    Thanks so much for scanlating this nice cute series.

    I’m sorry, but I want to inquiry about two things:
    1. What about chapter 5-6? Will you be able to scanlate them?
    2. Can you please reupload chapter 21? The link is dead.

  17. Hello, Kazeyuki.

    Sorry, but for first thing, I take a comment from post about ch 28.5 and 29.5 below:

    “Hi ! I’m Ainee an admin of French group which retranslate Nukoduke. A friend on my Forum, give me the Raw of Chapter 5 and 6 of Nukoduke. I would like to know if you want them for translate them ?
    My mail is : ainee1@live.fr
    please let me know. Thank you for your good work !!”

    Since our friend Ainee has got raws for those chapters, will you scanlate it?
    Thanks so much before.

  18. Hi, Kazeyuki.

    I’m a new leader of Vietnamese scanlation group JaViEn. My old leader have edit that Nukoduke! you realeased into Vietnamese. Here my group old work:

    I’ll take his jobs go on! Plz be raw provider for us. Can you give me the raw of Nuko from chapter 23 to lasted? I’ll make sure name you in my credit and best thanks ❤

    Here my mail: hiromatsuyama283@gmail.com

    Wish we could work together. Plz reply me soon. Thanks!

  19. Hi! I would like to know if i can re-translate this manga for portuguese :)? Here is my scan:http://aokiscan.blogspot.com.br/

  20. Need chapter 31 re-upload.

  21. i’m so thankfull that yo guys make it easy for people to download it, but i wish it was more, but love you guys !!!

  22. Hi, if possbile can you translate how to raise a mummy, crunchyroll did translate but stop at ch.32. Nobody are translating and i dont know where to ask you for request. Nukoduke and how to raise a mummy is a bit quite smiliar
    Sorry for asking you, it just my selfish thoughtful. 😦

  23. I’ve been reading your translations of this series for sometime, and I’ve enjoyed it a great deal! So much so that when I took a recent visit to Japan, I bought the tankobon with chapters that I’ve noted have not previously been released starting from as early as volume 2. I have a basic Japanese proficiency, but no experience with translating for a group, but I would like to help translate this series if possible, and I have raws up to volume 8 for chapters that have not been previously released.

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