Nukoduke! chapter 207

Big apologies for the long wait! I’ll try to keep more consistent releases so expect chapter 208 before the end of the week. Download | Read Online Advertisements

Sokuhi Shigan (Novel) chapter 8

Finally a chapter after heaps of months. Sorry for the long wait. I haven’t dropped this and but if anyone wants to pick this up and give it the attention it deserves, please feel free, but please tell me beforehand by dropping a comment here, so I can finish off whatever chapter I’m up to […]

Merry Nukoduke! Christmas!

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Road to Bath chapter 4

Chapter 4 finally! Enormous thanks to the wonderful Altnya who helped provide high quality raws. No blurry pages anymore! Download | Read Online

Nukoduke! chapter 200

Sorry for the long wait. I promise to catch up before the end of the year (around 6 chapters) Download | Read Online As I mentioned previously, Nukoduke! moved to マンガPark: https://manga-park.com/title/52. マンガPark uses a different numbering system so the new chapters start numbering from chapter 200. Therefore, chapter 200 would originally be chapter 109. […]

Nukoduke! chapter 108

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Sokuhi Shigan! (Novel) chapter 7

Sorry for the super long wait. The chapter was translated a long time ago but I kept delaying the editing. I’ve realised that I will probably never finish this series or even get past the 10th chapter if I edit the chapters the way I do. My editing mostly consists of me looking up words […]