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Sokuhi Shigan! (Novel) chapter 7

Sorry for the super long wait. The chapter was translated a long time ago but I kept delaying the editing.

I’ve realised that I will probably never finish this series or even get past the 10th chapter if I edit the chapters the way I do. My editing mostly consists of me looking up words in English to try to find the most fitting word, sticking whole phrases into google to see if I’m using the words correctly, staring at sentences for a long time to try to work out a way to make the meaning closer to the original, or sound less dumb or awkward, or deciding which sentence sounds better. This takes me ages which is probably why I keep procrastinating. I edit and translate like that because I’ve never been good at creative writing at school and my sentences tend to sound really stiff. (I actually talk that way and my sister always tells me I sound like a robot in my emails.)

So… I’ve decided that I won’t edit thoroughly anymore. I’m not going to care if the sentences sound dumb or awkward anymore as long as the translation is correct and the sentences are grammatically correct. That’s actually how I edited the second half of chapter 7. Hopefully it’s not too bad.

TL;DR – Chapters from now on will be rougher around the edges but readable.

With that decided, fingers-crossed that releases will be quicker.

Chapter 7

Nukoduke! chapter 108 will be coming tomorrow. I will try to get the rest out asap as well.

Edit: Sorry. Nukoduke 108 will be out on Sunday for sure. Just need to redraw one more panel.



One comment on “Sokuhi Shigan! (Novel) chapter 7

  1. Well, some readers will probably give you a helping hand sometimes when they are free to help in editing. Unfortunately, I’m still busy so I won’t be able to offer my help for now, maybe next year if you are still continuing.

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

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