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Road To Bath chapter 3

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Sorry with the lack of novel chapter releases. I’ve been binge reading Chinese novels and I’m happy to declare that Founder of Diabolism is the first novel I’ve ever finished reading in Chinese. I’ll try to get chapter 6 out soon but no promises as I seem to break them every time.

As for Nukoduke! the chapters have been cleaned. Just waiting on the translation. tantou (the translator) translated chapter 100 over a month ago but forgot to attach it (and I was so lazy I didn’t even realise until weeks later). I’m hoping he will see this and come out of hiding.


One comment on “Road To Bath chapter 3

  1. Are you still scanlating this? if you do, I can help with acquiring high quality raw. Here’s some examples from ch 3: https://diff.pics/d3NnqtxGBPHZ
    If you’re interested you can contact me on altnya[dot]doumeki[at]gmail[dot]com
    (I can also help on basic cleaning too, although I don’t have much experience)
    Almost forgot! Thanks for scanlating chapter 1-3! :]

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