Road to Bath chapter 2

From now on I’ll be using Road to Bath as the post title because I’m scared the bot in NovelUpdates will think it’s a new novel chapter release if I use Sokuhi Shigan!

I tried making the images a little bigger this time but the pixelation and blurriness really bothers me (one should never upscale images). Which do people prefer? Small images but clearer or Bigger images but blurrier (any means bigger font size)

Chapter 2
Download | Read Online

The manga is speeding through the novel pretty quickly. Around chapter 13 of the novel at the moment. It’s cut a bit of content but those parts aren’t too important.

I’ve corrected the translation mistakes in chapter 1.
Chapter 1v2: Download | Read Online


3 comments on “Road to Bath chapter 2

  1. for me bigger image is better
    even though blurrier than small image, at least i can read it without zooming the page
    (the blur is still acceptable and not too bad, at least for me)

  2. thx for the release. i like this 😉

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