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Sokuhi Shigan! (Novel) chapter 3

Sorry for the lateness.

I was reading an online preview of the light novel and noticed that the writing, conversations and events flowed better and were more logical (which is expected from a proper publication, not to say that the web novel is bad, the overall story is still the same). There’s also more interaction between Aida and Wilfried. If the light novel is ever released digitally, I might translate that instead but as I currently don’t have access to the light novel I’ll stay with the web novel for now.

On an unrelated note, after translating this chapter, I realised I made a mistake in the manga translation of chapter 1 – when she tells Wilfried to give her his clothes to wash – It’s not “to stop the blood from dripping” but “if you wait too long, the blood stain will become permanent” – should have noticed from the context but my head couldn’t connect it at that time. Highlight above for the explanation. I will fix the mistake when the next manga chapter is released.

Link to chapter 3.

One comment on “Sokuhi Shigan! (Novel) chapter 3

  1. Thank you for the chapter~

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