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Sokuhi Shigan (Novel) chapter 5

Sorry for being so slow. I give on any hope of catching up with the manga. Chapter 6 is already fully translated so I should be able to get it out before the end of the week (though editing actually takes me longer than translating.). Chapter 5 Advertisements

Nukoduke! chapter 99

Really Short Chapter Download | Read Online The author drew a picture and twitter icons for Nukoduke’s 100 chapter anniversary. Get it before it disappears. (Click on each icon to download.)

Road to Bath chapter 2

From now on I’ll be using Road to Bath as the post title because I’m scared the bot in NovelUpdates will think it’s a new novel chapter release if I use Sokuhi Shigan! I tried making the images a little bigger this time but the pixelation and blurriness really bothers me (one should never upscale […]

Sokuhi Shigan (Novel) chapter 4

Late again. I’ll try to release another chapter this week to make up for last week but no promises. Just wondering, does anyone have any trouble working out who is speaking? A lot of the time, the story doesn’t state who’s speaking because it’s usually obvious from to the way they speak (this isn’t so obvious when translated). Is […]

Sokuhi Shigan! (Novel) chapter 3

Sorry for the lateness. I was reading an online preview of the light novel and noticed that the writing, conversations and events flowed better and were more logical (which is expected from a proper publication, not to say that the web novel is bad, the overall story is still the same). There’s also more interaction […]