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Sokuhi Shigan (Novel) Prologue and Chapter 1

I’ve decided to translate the web novel of Sokuhi Shigan! There may be some differences from the manga as the manga is based off the light novel version.

The web novel synopsis is slightly different too:

Aida Kiyoka is a so called internet cafe refugee, living her days at an internet cafe and earning a living from her part-time cleaning job. However, one day she is suddenly hurled off to another world. She is fortunately picked up by a kind couple who provides a comfortable life with food and shelter. Her sole complaint is that there is no bath. Wait, if I become a side consort, I can have baths as much as I like? In that case, I’ll become a side consort!

I wasted over an hour trying to get the formatting correct but stupid wordpress kept mucking up my line breaks. It isn’t how I would have liked it but I’ve already given up.

Novel Page
Character Introductions
Chapter 1

Goal to release a least one chapter a week.


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