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Sokuhi Shigan! (Novel) chapter 2

I got really confused over which tense to use because the web novel is written in first person with mostly present tense and some past tense. I’ve chosen to keep it in past tense and the colloquial sentences will be present tense, italicized (I’ve tried changing it all to present but it sounds really strange). Hopefully it’ll […]

Nukoduke! chapters 97 and 98

Belated Valentine’s Day chapters: Chapter 97: Download | Read Online Chapter 98: Download | Read Online

Sokuhi Shigan (Novel) Prologue and Chapter 1

I’ve decided to translate the web novel of Sokuhi Shigan! There may be some differences from the manga as the manga is based off the light novel version. The web novel synopsis is slightly different too: Aida Kiyoka is a so called internet cafe refugee, living her days at an internet cafe and earning a living […]

Samishii Hito chapter 2

4 Months since first chapter. I promise that the rest won’t take as long. Download | Read Online

Sokuhi Shigan!: Road to Bath chapter 1

New project: This is one of my favourite webnovels (read the entire webnovel in one sitting). I had been torn for a while whether to translate the webnovel or not so when I found out it had gotten a manga adaption I knew I had to scanlate it. The art is wonderful too. The title is something […]