Kakuritsu Sousakan Mikoshiba Gakuto chapter 3

Next chapter after over half a year. This was translated a long time ago but the redraws were just way too demotivating.

This project will have to be stalled because I don’t have access to Japanese raws for the chapters after this.
I know there are Chinese raws available but I can’t read Chinese.

If there is anyone who and can help translate Traditional Chinese to English or can help provide Japanese raws to this manga please email kaitozeroscanlations@gmail.com or leave a comment.


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Volume 1 batch


3 comments on “Kakuritsu Sousakan Mikoshiba Gakuto chapter 3

  1. Thank you for translating chapter 3! I really enjoy this manga.

  2. Thanks for Translating. Just wondering, can anyone tell me where I can find the Chinese Raws for this manga? I don’t really know Chinese, but I can always look at the pictures to figure out what is going on.

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