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Shiranui Kitanroku chapter 4

Happy Easter everyone! Chapter 4| Read Online Advertisements

Plant∞Plan – Oneshot

An 8 page oneshot by the creator of Nukoduke! I think you’ll find the characters very familiar. Also, many thanks to tantou again for his speedy translation! Enjoy Download | Read Online

Nukoduke! chapter 13.2

Many thanks to tantou for the translation. Chapter 13.2 | Read Online

Linden Hall no Aria chapter 5

End of the volume. Remember to visit Shoujo-Sense to thank them for the release too. Chapter 5 Volume 1 batch

Nukoduke! chapter 13.1

Chapter 13.1 | Read Online Many thanks to tantou for his translation. If anyone can provide Nukoduke! raws from the magazine issues below, we’ll be able fill in the missing the chapters. Hana to Yume 2012 Issue 19 Hana to Yume 2012 Issue 20 Hana to Yume 2012 Issue 22 Hana to Yume 2013 Issue […]

Nukoduke! chapter 13

Chapter 13 | Read Online It has been confirmed that Kei is a boy and Sasame is a girl. I wrongly interpreted the last line in chapter 12. I thought that 男子 – boy/man was refering the the nukos but it was actually refering to Yuuya. I have corrected the last page in chapter 12 […]