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Linden Hall no Aria chapter 4

Chapter 4 Please remember thank Shoujo-Sense for the release too. Also recruiting a translator for this project. If anyone is interested, please email Advertisements

Kakuritsu Sousakan Mikoshiba Gakuto chapter 2

Chapter 2 | Read Online Currently recruiting a proofreader and translator/translation checker (JP->ENG or CHN->ENG) for this project. Thanks

Nukoduke! chapters 12.1 and 12.2

These chapters came out in the Hana to Yume magazine. (Hana to Yume 2013 Issue 5 and Hana to Yume 2013 Issue 6) I’m not sure how the numbering goes so I’m going by the date it came out. We’re looking for someone who subscribes to the Hana to Yume magazine and can help us […]

Linden Hall no Aria chapter 3

Chapter 3 Please remember to thank Shoujo-Sense for the release too.

Do S na Oniichan to no Atarashii Koi no Hajimekata Oshiete Kudasai! chapter 5

This manga comes from Hana to Yume Online so the Japanese releases are random. Anyway I’ve caught up to the latest chapter. This was finished a few days ago but I was waiting to hear from the proofreader who I think might have disappeared. When more chapters come out I might release a version 2 […]

Nukoduke! chapters 11-12

I’ve caught up with the Japanese releases now. Chapter 11 | Read Online Chapter 12 | Read Online I fixed up page 4 in chapter 10 Chapter 10 v2 | Read Online Page is here

Nukoduke! chapters 9 and 10

Chapter 9 | Read Online Corrected page 4 of chapter 10 Chapter 10 v2 | Read Online Page is here, if you don’t want to redownload.