Ie no Naka no S na Koto chapter 2

We currently recruiting for Ie no Naka no S na Koto:
1) A proofreader who is fluent at English
2) A translator or translation checker – I am currently translating but there are phrases that I’m not sure of so if there is someone who would like to help check or translate it will be great.
3) An experienced editor/cleaner so the releases can be faster

For Linden Hall no Aria
1) An experienced cleaner/editor

For anyone who is interested, please reply to this post or email kaitozeroscanlations@gmail.com

Enjoy the chapter


8 comments on “Ie no Naka no S na Koto chapter 2

  1. Thank you for the release!

  2. Really really thanks for this chapter…if I could I would help you with cleaning of this manga, but unfortunately, I’m afraid to not have much time and I’m not very experienced…. But if you need I can still try to help you with cleaning! …Thanks a lot for your work!

  3. thanks so much for the release guys! love this manga ❤

  4. Thank you for the release!!

  5. could you tell me where you get your raws?
    And of course, thanks for the hard work

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