Ie no Naka no S na Koto chapter 1

A new project. It’s my first time translating so if you find any mistakes please tell me.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it.
Download v2

You can read the chapter without downloading here.

Edit – Fixed the page order.


9 comments on “Ie no Naka no S na Koto chapter 1

  1. Hello. It seems like some of the pages numbers are out of order? Some of the dialogue didn’t make sense. Great job nonetheless! I can’t wait to read more. 😀

  2. Yeah, it seems a page is missing or something… But anyway thank you so much for the hard work and for sharing!!!!!

  3. thank you 4 the sharin’. waitin’ for the new chapters ^-^

  4. thank you very much for your hard work<3and waiting for new chapter :X

  5. Hi, I’m an italian scanlator and I’d like to ask you permission to retraslate this project in my language, my blog’s address is: http://undertheblossomingcherrytrees.blogspot.it/
    Naturally I’ll put your credits in project’s page on my website…thanks in advance…Best regards


  6. thanks so much for scanlating this series ❤ loved the first chapter! keep up the good work! (:

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