Linden Hall Aria – La Corda D’Oro Series – Prelude Chapter

The Prelude (16 page) chapter has finally been released!

Many many thanks to amaranthine, our translator for the project, and to Sora Shiro from nya-romance who let us use her raws. Without them the release would not have been possible.

Our raw provider for the next chapters is Darkwolfde from Lila Wolves Scans. If you want to meet nice and friendly people you can visit http://lilawolves.blogspot.co.nz/.


You can read it here if you don’t want to download. I’ve uploaded all the images onto one page.


6 comments on “Linden Hall Aria – La Corda D’Oro Series – Prelude Chapter

  1. This is a bit late, but thanks for working on this series! I was kind of late in reading the news about the sequel, but I’m glad I can download/ read it on your main page 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. Hiii!! ^^
    I’m Hachiko,a founder of italian scanslators group! ^^ I would contact you(Kaito Zero’s admin) to ask permission to translate this project, but I don’t find any email or link for do it… Could you help me please??^^

    • Hello. Sorry for replying so late. We only have one chapter out though but you have permission to translate. Please remember to credit Kaito Zero and amaranthine for the English translation. If you are using our scans please leave the credit page in.

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