Kaito Zero Recruiting

Kaito Zero would like to scanlate the sequel to La Corda d’Oro: Linden Hall no Aria.

We really need a raw provider – someone who can scan in the Lala magazine raws. -Found Thank you Darkwolfde from Lila Wolves Scans

Thank you.

Last edited 22 January 2012.


6 comments on “Kaito Zero Recruiting

  1. Kure Yuki’s ‘La Corda d’Oro’ was a lovely story to follow. I’ve just recently finished collecting the entire series (in Japanese) since I was an avid ever since it came out. Moreover, I really found the plot quite exciting and “suspenseful” at times; the characters were fun, too.

    Anyway, rather than me rant onward about my intrigue for that story of hers, I’d like to chime in that I, as a JPN->ENG translator, have some interest in helping with that project [or another one?] if you’re still looking for help in that division… Yet, I may be kind of booked every now and then due to other ‘priorities.’ Irregardless, I may try my luck with seeing how I can scan/raw provide for that Linden Hall no Aria series as well… Though, neither is my scanner the best machine ever nor do I have consistent/on-time Lala serial subscriptions that since I live in the States. Well, um, let’s keep in touch, maybe?

    [Does your wordpress settings auto-list my Email for you to contact me with? If not, I’ll post it when I get a response… Or some other means of contact. IRC/MSN?]


  2. I wondering if this project is still on.

  3. Is this project still looking for a proof-reader? I’d be interested in this.

  4. I think you´ve found your raw provider 😉
    just uploading the first chapter (2011/12)

    yours Darkwolfde (Lilawolvesscans)

  5. wow thank you a lot for doing thiss 🙂 you are the best!

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