La Corda d’Oro Chapter 64

Many thanks to 琴音翻译组 for the chinese scans and bbluebabies for the translation.

Chapter 64


12 comments on “La Corda d’Oro Chapter 64

  1. thanks for the release! it’s been a long time though :))

  2. Thank you very much for the new chapter release. 🙂

  3. finally. Thank you~!!! 😀

  4. Wow thanks you mucho for all the hard work ^^. I’m looking forward to the next release.

  5. Thanksssss! I can’t wait till you release the next chap! ^_^ The suspense is killing meeeee~~!

  6. Waoh !! Thanks a lot !! Good job

  7. Whoa… another chapter is released! THANK YOU!! 🙂

  8. ellow!! thanks for your updates!! “> i’ve been looking all over the place this manga., and i think mangafox had stop loading this manga in their site, so0 really really thanks a bunch for continuing to provide us english trans.. pls keep up the good w0rk”>

  9. thank you so much for all your hard work xD this manga is so much fun to read!! i really appreciate it!! ♪

  10. Thanks for the update >_<

  11. Thank you so much. I was so waiting for this one for so so long thanks again for all the hard work

  12. finally !!!

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