Recruiting translators and translation checkers for Kaze Hikaru

I want to start scanlating a new series : Kaze Hikaru. So right now I’m recruiting Japanese to English translators and Japanese translation checkers.

For those who don’t know, a Japanese checker checks the translation against the original language one and makes sure the translation is accurate.

If anyone is interested, please post a reply.


3 comments on “Recruiting translators and translation checkers for Kaze Hikaru

  1. Heii~!! Umm can I apply for the proofreader position? I’m thirteen years old live at New York City all my life and I think that I can do this job well. I’m also a proofreader for DBR, Chibi Manga Scans, Evil Flowers, etc. If your interested email me at bloodthirstingtomboyvamp@gmail.com please ^^

  2. I am very happy to hear that you want to start up on Kaze Hikaru. I love the story and was sad that all the other groups dropped it. I wish that I could offer you some help but, I have a very limited Japanese vocabulary. Good luck.

  3. Yay I’m happy that someone wants to pick this series up. Unfortunately I only understand Chinese and English. But if you do have chinese raws that need translating I would be happy to provide assistance. =D

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