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Merry Christmas!! v10 Special Edition – Furioso and Omake

Where I live it is already the 25th of December so I was expecting the date of my previous post to be the 25th but it’s not. The same applies for this chapter. Please do not upload it to any other site. Enjoy Advertisements

Merry Christmas!! Chapter 45

I tried to release chapters at Christmas but I didn’t quite finish. My internet is going too slow to upload as well and I haven’t worked out how to use this site. What’s a tag anyway? The chapters weren’t quite finished but I decided to release anyway for viewing purposes only. So please do not […]

La Corda d’Oro chapter 61.5

Chapter 62 is likely to be a Christmas release and I’ll try to finish the other chapters I’m working on and release those around Christmas as well. Thank you really much to bbluebabies and littleflair for the translation, 琴音翻译组 group for the scans and lilydragon for proofreading. And thanks again to bbluebabies who helped upload […]